Top LMS Training Software With Learning Analytics Tools (2021)

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Most Useful Learning Management Systems With Learning Analytics Tools

Since you’ve clicked on this list, you must be already aware that analytics and reporting are must-haves for your LMS. But which LMS training software has the right features and learning analytics tools? Which are the best to help you track and measure the effectiveness of your training?

Hold on tight because we’re going to reveal the winners in this top list!

So, what is learning analytics?

Learning analytics is the tool to measure, collect, analyze and report data for learners and their contexts. Thus, trainers can use learning analytics to understand and optimize learning and the environments where they occur.

If you want to accomplish your business goals, you have to encourage your employees to embrace a continuous learning culture. For this to become a reality, organizations need to invest in the right learning management system (LMS), more specifically, an LMS hosts eLearning courses and schedules. Plus, it can help you track online training programs and generate reports.

There’s no doubt that an LMS platform is a powerful tool. It can give training managers the opportunity to implement effective learning analytics in organizations. Most importantly, an LMS with learning analytics tools gives you insights to improve learning and compliance. At the same time, you can mitigate risks and improve performance by focusing on personalized training programs that meet learner needs.

Check out eLearning Industry’s list of the top LMS software for learning analytics to:

  • Examine top LMS features and create effective training
  • Compare LMS training software for reporting
  • Find tools that meet your training budget
  • Read LMS reviews and explore USPs
  • Choose the best LMS for your business needs

Are you ready to see which learning management system got the top place? Here we go!

Best LMS Platforms Including Learning Analytics Tools And Features For Effective Training

Top LMS Training Software With Learning Analytics Tools

If your company is listed among the top LMS solutions with Learning Analytics tools, feel free to add this badge to your website.

Delivering Online Learning Platforms, Creative Content, And Powerful Analytics

As a full-service provider for online training, Learning Pool helps 1,100 organizations and 5.1 million learners worldwide deliver exceptional performance. They do so with their pioneering online learning platforms, creative content, and powerful analytics.

Used by hundreds of customers to develop exceptional employees with remarkable efficiency, Learning Pool’s LXP is trusted across the globe.

Visit our directory to explore Stream LXP reviews.


  • Helps You Deliver Learning At Scale
  • Simple User Experience For All
  • Flexibility On Training Delivery

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  • Helps You Deliver Learning At Scale
    Their LXP, Stream, has the best-in-class components for everything you need to deliver learning at scale.
  • Simple User Experience For All
    As for their technology, it follows leading open standards. Thus, making life simple for everyone; learners, managers, and administrators.
  • Flexibility On Training Delivery
    Being built by learning professionals, their LXP can flex around any learning delivery requirement. Plus, it is a proven digital replacement for the classroom.

Plans And Pricing

You can find tailored learning plans and programs. These can cover everything from initial onboarding to leadership training. Increase engagement and performance with 360° feedback. This is all tied together with powerful reporting, helping you achieve your organizational goals.

Deliver Α Customized Learning Experience To Employees, Customers, And Partners

Adobe Captivate Prime is a comprehensive modern learning platform with an all-new reporting dashboard closely integrated with Microsoft Power BI to give managers granular insights about the platform and users.

With Adobe Captivate Prime, trainers can deliver learning experiences that are modern, personalized, and relevant for every user—with a consistent brand experience.

Read Adobe Captivate Prime reviews in our niche directory.


  • All-New Reporting Dashboard
  • Next-Generation Data Visualization Tools
  • Course-Feedback Reports

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  • All-New Reporting Dashboard
    Managers can get granular insights about the users and keep real-time track of user activities with engagement data and license usage. 
  • Next-Generation Data Visualization Tools
    Managers can take advantage of Microsoft Power BI Integration and export and download multiple user data reports with customized ready-made Power BI Templates. 
  • Course-Feedback Reports
    Managers can access consolidated L1 and L3 feedback reports from users and managers, respectively.

Plans And Pricing

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS offers registered user pricing with a fixed number of registered learners per account: $4/month per registered learner.

For active user pricing, they use a floating user model starting at $11/year per active user.

Measure Training Success With The Training Platform Built For Complete Buy-In

TalentLMS allows instructors and admins to create training programs that are also easy to monitor. Create courses easily and get access to your learning analytics at the click of a button to see what works and what doesn’t.

Train your people, measure results, and drive success with TalentLMS! Start with your free account.

Take a look at the submitted TalentLMS reviews in our directory.


  • Track Course Completion Rates 
  • Export And Schedule Reports 
  • Present Data That’s Easy To Digest 

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  • Track Course Completion Rates
    Measure learner engagement, see what types of content your teams enjoy, and create training programs tailored to their needs. 
  • Export And Schedule Reports
    Track all the metrics you need and export your learning analytics to Excel and have your data arrive in your email automatically. 
  • Present Data That’s Easy To Digest
    Check user and course progress from one place with a training matrix report and an infographic report the system automatically generates for you. 

Plans And Pricing

TalentLMS’s competitive prices and adaptable pricing model allow you to pay exactly for what you need. Get advanced tools to set you up for training success at the most affordable prices, or start with a free account to test the platform at your own pace.

An Easy-To-Use LMS With Powerful Features Including Built-In Reporting/Analytics

SAP Litmos developed one of the world’s easiest-to-use LMSs with built-in analytics for tracking all system activity. Thousands of companies trust the solution to deliver transformative training to employees, customers, and partners.

Sign up for a free trial.

For more info, take a look at SAP Litmos reviews.


SAP Litmos features robust reporting and analytics capabilities to: 

  • Measure And Influence Performance
  • Schedule Automated Reports And Emails
  • Track Course Completions, Test Averages, Content Popularity, And More

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Plans And Pricing

You can start using the SAP Litmos Training LMS for as low as $4 per user per month. In addition, you can combine the LMS with SAP Litmos Training Content for access to an ever-growing library of off-the-shelf learning content across a wide range of topics.

Modern, Intuitive Learning Experience, Robust Functionality, Responsive Service

Absorb is committed to learning everywhere—in the flow of work, as part of your culture, regardless of location. Reporting tracks all learning while Absorb Inform provides dashboards and custom analytics to analyze training results.

Learn how you can empower your business with key insights and prove ROI for your learning program with Absorb LMS.

Explore Absorb LMS reviews in our directory.


  • Data Analysis
  • Advanced Reporting
  • API Access

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For deep and customized analysis, Absorb LMS provides advanced analytic capabilities of Absorb Inform. Make better decisions and plans with dynamic, ad hoc dashboards and reports.

  • Data Analysis
    Absorb Inform enables you to configure information to your exact specifications.
  • Advanced Reporting
    Colorful charts and graphs bring data to life with advanced data visualization.
  • API Access
    The integration allows you to connect your data to other systems, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Plans And Pricing

Absorb provides customized, competitive pricing for all use cases, including internal, extended enterprise, and blended learning. Absorb Inform adds on the tailored data analysis you need at your fingertips, including services to customize it.

A SCORM And xAPI Compliant LMS With Personalized Learning And Analytics Tools

eLearning Brothers provides organizations with several learning technology solutions, including the Rockstar Learning Platform. This platform delivers and tracks interactive learning experiences to effectively conquer your evolving business needs.

Get a free account today! Add users and track and analyze their learning progress.

Visit our directory to explore Rockstar Learning Platform reviews


  • Test Proficiency
  • Segment Training
  • Personalize Learning Paths

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  • Test Proficiency
    Turn skillsets learned into competencies earned! You can enable in-line questioning, checklists, and documented evidence uploads. 
  • Segment Training
    Teams get personalized learning portals with relevant courses. Multi-level admins can manage users, enroll people in courses and run their own reporting. 
  • Personalize Learning Paths
    Pre-assess learners with their Assessment Module and determine each learner’s skills gaps and interests. Instantly enroll them in recommended courses.

Plans And Pricing

Conquer your training goals with one of the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible learning platforms. Purchase the platform on its own, or bundle it with authoring suites, video coaching tools, or built-in courseware, including the BizLibrary Collection. 

A Tool That Helps Make Digital Learning Work Instantly And Profitably

This award-winning SaaS platform helps employees acquire and apply knowledge in real-time, with minimum training time and minimum costs. Code of Talent’s purpose is to drive behavior change and instant business impact.

Try their exclusive 30-day free trial and explore the limitless opportunities this platform can open up for your organization.

Find reviews for Code of Talent in our directory. 


As a learner-centric platform, Code of Talent focuses on creating engaging learning experiences.

  • Social Learning At Its Best
  • Gamification To Drive Engagement
  • Self-Paced Learning 

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Plans And Pricing

They provide simple and transparent plans. In this way, they help their clients on their journeys. Their plans include best-in-class support services to ensure maximum relevance in a dynamic business environment.

The Future Of Enterprise Learning With A UX To Match

Looop offers deep engagement insights and custom business metrics so you can easily see what’s working and what isn’t. Offering complete visibility into the learner’s journey, Looop’s in-app analytics track every step. Looop can help you achieve better engagement and better performance.

Book a free demo to talk to their experts.

For more info, make sure to read reviews for Looop in our directory.


  • Manage Everything In One Place 
  • Customizable Filters 

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  • Manage Everything In One Place
    Manage your data in one place and access deep data insights in the workflow. 
    • See what’s working and what’s not 
    • Benchmark learning against business initiatives 
    • Stylish, visual graphics to showcase data 
  • Customizable Filters
    Adjust reports to meet specific data needs. Get the information you need in seconds. 
    • Filter by people, resources, pathways, certifications, and search 
    • Further filtering by dates and groups 
    • Access the data you need, when you need it

Plans And Pricing

There’s more to data than just completion rates. Looop’s analytics tool gives full visibility of a learner’s journey, from start to finish. So, starting at $299/month, their subscription payment plan gives you the flexibility to choose the right plan and change when you need to.

What’s The Best LMS For Learning Analytics and Reporting?

Find, choose, and compare top LMS platforms to get learning data insights and improve your training. Read fresh reviews and explore top features to reach your company goals.

Top List Ranking: eLearning Industry’s LMS Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our editorial team, did a thorough review of each vendor’s eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the top LMS platforms that have learning analytics tools on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

After checking the list rankings of this top list, please focus on our insights and tips. You’ll find all you need to make your learning analytics LMS selection so much easier.

Why Learning Analytics Tools Are Essential When Choosing An LMS

Thanks to the growing popularity of eLearning, plenty of companies have started using (or are considering) an LMS to bring business growth. But what does an LMS exactly do? And, how can you use it to its full potential? Let’s find out.

First off, a learning management system will help you organize content and then you can decide what you want to assign to which groups of learners.

Thus, using a series of courses or modules in a learning path or curriculum format is considered a good practice. In addition, utilizing smart course registration to enroll a group of users in a specific path curriculum could save you a lot of time.

Depending on the size of your organization, you might need to develop a training matrix with more than one learning path for different groups of employees. As a result, an LMS can assist trainers in creating more personalized experiences; especially now that role-based training is popular for employee development and change management.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Analytics Tools When It Comes To An LMS?

It’s no secret that eLearning embraces big data. Hence, one of the most important ways to leverage your LMS is to access learning data and people analytics and collect learner feedback.

For me, “big data” and learning analytics are not just buzzwords thrown around to impress. Nowadays, technology can analyze data mining to reveal patterns, trends, and associations and offer insights.

If you have big data readily available, you can do data mining, using tools derived from statistics and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze it. The goal is to look for patterns of behavior and predictive models.

So, to cut the long story short, learning analytics provides actionable insights for your learning and development (L&D) programs.

By leveraging learning analytics and LMS training software you can find out:

  • Who your users are
  • How learners are using your content
  • Behavioral patterns
  • What you need to change to make training more effective

Are you ready to develop the mindset of a data scientist? It’s easier than it sounds, and that’s mainly because an LMS with powerful analytics will solve the riddle of your training hypothesis every single time.

So, those who can use learning analytics effectively will have the opportunity to reduce scrap learning in their organization. After all, effective training means applying what you’ve learned on the job. Yet, that’s where most training programs fail. But with the power of learning analytics tools, you can demonstrate the L&D department’s value to the business.

Above all, you will prove the return on investment (ROI) for your learning programs and inform future organizational learning decisions.

Next Steps: LMS Comparison And Evaluation For Analytics and Reporting

Choosing LMS training software is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make because you have to a) do a lot of research, b) sign up for free trials, and c) find the budget.

Besides, getting buy-in for training initiatives might not seem promising; especially if your organization has other priorities. But that’s exactly why you need an LMS with robust learning analytics because you’ll manage to prove the impact your training has on the business.

Thus, the ideal LMS for analytics and reporting should have:

  • Intelligent triggers
  • Deep engagement analytics
  • Dashboards to visualize the business impact
  • Ability to prove training ROI
  • Integrations for your content and tools

For example, an LMS solution that helps create sophisticated dashboards can aid you in benchmarking L&D projects against your business metrics. By following easy-to-understand stats, you can get the big picture on the performance of your resources and comms; even better if you’re able to do so on an audience-by-audience basis.

A few more things you should consider before making an LMS purchase:

  • Industry expertise/application
  • LMS software reviews by real users
  • Achievements

The best learning analytics software gives you the data you need to make a measurable business impact. By embracing a learning analytics maturity model, your business can evolve from chaos to an optimized data-driven approach.

You can use dashboards and scorecards to set alerts and measure performance. And, remember, it’s all about understanding the value of learning data. Only then you’ll manage to bring successful employee development and ignite business performance!

Now that you’ve got all the insights regarding the top solutions for learning analytics, you can start your LMS free trials.

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