Migration To Remote Learning: The Need Of The Hour [eBook]

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Why The Migration To Remote Learning Is So Relevant Now

While many organizations have relied on face-to-face training in recent years, the COVID crisis has sparked a dramatic shift. You must be able to adapt and evolve your L&D program to not only keep up with industry trends but global events. This eBook covers all the essentials you need to make the switch to remote learning. It delves into the transformation lifecycle, solution levers, and much more so that you can deploy a successful remote training strategy for your team.

eBook Release: Migration To Remote Learning: The Need Of The Hour

eBook Release

Migration To Remote Learning: The Need Of The Hour

Discover why remote learning is relevant now in the wake of the COVID crisis!

How Remote Learning Promotes Continual Employee Development

Training shouldn’t be a one-off event when new hires join the company. In fact, employees should receive ongoing support to fill gaps and continually improve performance behaviors on the spot. Remote learning gives them the opportunity to set their own pace and create a flexible training schedule that works best for them. They can also follow personalized paths based on their goals, areas for improvement, and job roles. To sum up, remote learning unlocks new L&D possibilities without putting staffers at risk.

About This eBook

Remote learning isn’t a passing fad. More organizations are moving their training online or opting for a hybrid model due to the global pandemic. But where do you even begin and why is it so important to assess your current learning maturity level? Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find inside this remote learning eBook:

  • Remote Learning: Why Now?
  • Remote Learning Maturity Model
  • The Three Learning Organizations
  • Remote Learning Transformation Lifecycle
  • Transformation Solution Levers
  • Remote Learning Migration: A Case Study
  • Transforming From Classroom Training To Remote Training For A High-Touch Sales Business: A Case Study


Download the eBook Migration To Remote Learning: The Need Of The Hour to evaluate your learning maturity level and discover how to move your ILT online to adapt to the New Normal.

eBook Release: VIVAHR


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