How To Find Employee Training Software For Your Top Talent

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6 Tips To Find A Suitable Employee Training Software

Many of us have probably skimmed those “habits of successful people” articles. And while they’re largely generic and/or click-bait, they make an important point. Top talent and high achievers approach life in a different way. Their unique outlook and attitudes are part of the reason they stand out and are key drivers in getting them ahead. So how do you pick the right training LMS for your exceptionally gifted team members? Here are some insider tips to find employee training software for your top talents.

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1. Survey Them To Identify Needs And Preferences

We’ve already established some of these things are not like the others. Your corporate superstars require special treatment. Not because they’re more important than the rest of your employees, but because they can make a bigger impact. Both to their colleagues’ morale and to your bottom line. So, call them aside (in person, on phone, or via secure intranet chat). Ask about the kind of training they’d like. Since you’ve identified their above-average capacity, you can bounce some ideas off them too. Explain your vision for their career trajectory and see what they think. You can also invite them to complete an online survey via the employee training LMS to gather feedback data.

2. Pre-Assess To Pinpoint Gaps

This conversation doesn’t have to wait until they get hired. These types of stars are easy to spot, and you recognize them pretty early in the interview process. It’s never too early to get their thoughts on training paths. You should seek this kind of data from other employees too. Design quick quizzes or polls for email and mobile that can be filled anonymously (if they prefer). Your team has a clearer view of your corporate processes than you do. And they understand challenges from a practical perspective rather than a theoretical or managerial one. Listen as they explain the gaps they’ve spotted and let them offer potential solutions.

3. Begin With A Wish-List

If you could have anything you want in a training course, what would it be? Multiple languages? Accessibility features for the differently able? Visual customization? Branding possibilities? Offline capacity? Social media integration? From a technical perspective, which existing corporate mechanism does it need to align with? What about the company that makes your training software? In terms of policies and mindsets, how important are the “politics” of its designers, founders, and investors? Make a broad list yourself, then ask your staff to chip in too. Have them list their top three must-haves for training software, then merge all their lists. If multiple team members mention the same feature/function, it may be worth adding to your employee training software shopping list.

4. Consider The Context And Content

The advantage of exploratory staff surveys – apart from data collection – is retention. If you take their feedback and they see you implement it, then they feel heard and valued. As such, they’re likely to stay with you longer. Extend this approach into the training itself. Pretty early in their careers (and periodically afterward), ask them what they want from you as a boss. Or what they need from their job to feel personally fulfilled. This may include broader things, like vacation days or flexi-time. You can also ask more specific questions, like whether they prefer hands-on charity work (i.e. visiting war widows). Or if they’d rather do a fund-raising marathon. At the training level, ask if they prefer books, video, audio, or face-to-face expert demos. Pick training tools that lean toward their preference.

5. Gather Feedback From Your Backend Team

It’s not just the top sales and customer service employees you need to consider. Bear in mind that your admins, developers, and other L&D team members will use the online employee training software to deploy content. They must be able to evaluate reports, quickly update resources, and follow up with front-end top talent. Which is why you need to see things from their POV before investing in a new employee training LMS. What features do they need to do their job? What elements might interrupt their workflow? You can even ask them to provide you with a list of everyday tasks that require the LMS. Then use it to choose employee training software that meets their requirements.

6. Get Them Involved During The Test Drive

You now have a good body of data that will help you curate a shortlist of online training products. Most modern software includes a free trial, so have relevant stakeholders assess your selections. You want a representative from L&D, IT, HR/Admin, Accounts, and at least one manager. Then include regular staff members from each department. Some of them should be your top performers but include some average employees as well. After all, they’ll need to use the software too, and they may have input you hadn’t considered.


Your top talent doesn’t just deserve good pay and great benefits. They also need tools that help them do their best work. It enhances their job satisfaction, which means they stay longer in your employ. Which is great for your bottom line. So how do you ensure your training software is a good fit for them? Survey their preferences in content and context, including the training channel that transfers most knowledge. Ask them for a tools-and-features wish list and get them to point out organizational gaps management may not have noticed.  Once you’ve built a shortlist, meaningfully include them in your free trial evaluation process.

Choose the ideal employee training software for your top performers without having to sift through pages of search engine results. Our free online directory features the leading platforms on the market today to simplify the selection process. You can read reviews, compare your top choices, and see which vendors offer free trials.

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