Empower Elementary Students to Build Life-long Body Confidence with New Activities and Lessons from Amazing Me 

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The Dove Self-Esteem Project and Discovery Education have teamed up to deliver the best in social and emotional learning (SEL), health, and confidence-building resources for elementary educatorsAmazing Me features a suite of classroom and family resources focused on building self-esteem, promoting positive body image, and countering bullying. 

The all-new digital lesson bundlesclassroom activities and professional learning resources are intended to help educators help students promote positive body image for themselves and among their peers. Each standards-aligned digital resource features comprehensive support and instructions for learning in any environment.  

Digital Lesson Bundles 

In Confronting Comparisons to Build Body Confidence?educators and students can collaborate to build classroom norms around respectful discourse before learning about the concept of body confidence. Students will explore the effects of body talk and practice “flipping the script” before reflecting on their own feelings and experiences with comparisons. Bullying and Teasing and Their Effect on Body Confidence provides students with skills to identify what body confidence is and ways to achieve and maintain it in themselves and others. Students then explore the ideas of body function and how focusing on how they feel and function vs how they look can increase their body confidence; and the connection between bullying and body confidence 

Classroom Activities 

Organized into two categories around the digital lesson bundles, the classroom activities help extend learning with hands-on explorations and videos to engage students in deeper examination of their experiences and the experiences of others. There are five classroom activities in each category, intended for implementation within a 45-minute class period. Each activity includes a complete list of supplies and instructions for introducing the content in both virtual and in-person learning environments. Subjects covered in the activities include appearance ideals in the media, competing and comparing looks, positive affirmations, exit strategies when confronted with weight-based bullying and an examination of bullying policies at school. 

Professional Learning

The new Master Class series helps educators figure out how students are thinking while providing the tools and strategies to help them be confident. Hosted by Marisol Perez – a clinical psychologist and researcher at Arizona State University and The Institute for Research and Education Advancing Children’s Health (REACH) – the series provides guidance to support educators in encouraging kindness and open discourse while discussing the topics of body dissatisfaction and bullying with elementary students.?? 

The program also features a Virtual Field Trip and family resources to help parents and caregivers support students in building confidence at home.  

Equip elementary students with the knowledge that each person is unique, beautiful, and worth celebrating. Explore these resources and more at amazingmeselfesteem.com and in Discovery Education Experience on the Amazing Me by Dove Self-Esteem Project channel. 

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