CustomGuide Releases Free Time Management Course

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Minneapolis, Minn. (August 31, 2021) — Time is the most valuable resource in the world. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. With this in mind, CustomGuide set out to develop training to help people cut out time wasters and take intentional steps to save time.

“Time management requires tremendous discipline,” Jon High, CustomGuide CEO said. “Learning how to get the right things done without the stress is truly life-changing. And it doesn’t just benefit you; it’s a win for your organization and the people around you too.”

Free Time Management Course

CustomGuide’s new Time Management course is available free, without an account, until September 30. It’s the seventh title added to CustomGuide’s business skills training library that launched in 2019. CustomGuide’s business skills courses aim to complement their robust collection of technical workplace offerings, including Microsoft Office training and Google Workspace training.

Time Management follows CustomGuide’s proven learning method that boasts an average of 44% skill improvement upon course completion. Each of the course’s 11 bite-sized lessons is coupled with an assessment question that gauges the learner’s comprehension of that topic. Like all of the courses CustomGuide develops, Time Management was built in-house, leveraging industry expertise along with client feedback.

“With so many workplaces shifting to remote options, the demand for this course only continues to grow,” Alisha Natvig, CustomGuide Product Manager said. “We’ve been hearing so many stories from clients; they want help to break the exhausting cycle of juggling tasks while trying to meet impossible deadlines.”

The new course offers practical guidance for eliminating time wasters, such as interruptions, procrastination, and multitasking. It also presents real-world scenarios for prioritizing work with the Four Quadrants of Time Management and 80/20 Rule.

Being hyper-sensitive to the topic at hand, CustomGuide worked diligently to produce instructional material that optimally covered each learning objective as concisely as possible. With a single time investment under an hour, learners can use what they learn to save hours upon hours of time in the future.

In addition to the interactive tutorials and skill assessments included in this course, CustomGuide produced a one-sheet Time Management Quick Reference that reinforces the online course and serves as a job aid. All of CustomGuide’s 100+ handy Quick References can be downloaded and distributed free of charge.

About CustomGuide

CustomGuide is the leading provider of simulation-based software training for business professionals so they can learn by doing—not by watching. CustomGuide offers 100+ accredited courses in subjects that are critical to workplace productivity, including Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and Business Skills. CustomGuide’s friendly learning management system boasts simple data visualization to track learners’ achievements, making it ideal for organizations of all sizes. In addition to online learning composed of bite-sized lessons, CustomGuide produces top-notch customizable courseware manuals that can be used during instructor-led training as well as handy Quick References with shortcuts and tips for on-the-job learning reinforcement.

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