About Us

We are a small start-up based in Ames, Iowa. We are a team of diverse experts thriving to improve educators’ quality by providing innovative solutions and simple tools. To Educator is a platform for all K12 teachers, higher education faculty, professional development trainers, learning experience designers, and other subject matter experts to plan, design, and deliver courses. Our resources include downloadable toolkits, Take Easy application, one-on-one mentoring (2022), and up-to-date educational news. 


We want to take care of the messy work educators have to deal with while planning, designing, and delivering a course.


We design innovative software and toolkits to help educators practice learner success.


We want to tailor to your need, so tell us what changes/add-ons you want to see on our products to better serve you.

Meet the team

Priyankaa Krishnan Iyer

Founder, CEO, Learning Experience Designer

I am a user experience designer, learning experience designer, and educator. I have a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and as an accidental entrepreneur. I am skilled in Curriculum Development, Design Thinking, User Experience, Graphic Design, Teaching Pedagogies, Educational Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Public Relations. I am pursuing a doctoral degree double major in Human-Computer Interaction and Educational Technology. I have a bachelor’s and Master’s in Industrial Design from Iowa State University. People from diverse backgrounds have informed my desire to create designs where people can share their experiences, find new strategies, empower each other, and expand dreamers’ opportunities.

Manas Chimpidi

Founder, CTO

Manas has a commitment to empowering women and building innovative communities. He believes that a voice is an invaluable tool and that a platform like Cards For Women allows anyone and everyone to speak up, without fear of being judged. As a self-taught developer and Co-Founder of Nimaroh, a creative agency in Austin, TX, Manas brings unbound creativity and technical expertise that pushes boundaries of entrepreneurship and design.

Abigail Luchinger

Founder, Content Manager

Abigail Luchsinger is an interdisciplinary designer and a graduate in industrial design at Iowa State University. Her current academic and professional work is centered on certified personality psychology training, user-centric design strategies, attentive client communications, mentoring students in designerly ways, and building better social capital on teams. Rooted in a performing arts background, she is a strong advocate for the power of play, curious collaboration, authentic storytelling and empathetic exploration to inspire innovation. She drinks plenty of cold brew coffee, while investigating ensembles and improv techniques and performing with a dinner theater.

Meet our Mentors

Ana Luz
Subject Matter Expert
Rohit Banda
App Development
Biscuit Krishnan
Chief Barketing Officer
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