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We keep it simple.

Whether it is course planning, delivery or design, we keep it simple. We are dedicated to building easy-to-use tools for educators so they can focus less on the process and more on actually doing their job.

Teach Easy

A tool to assist subject matter experts and instructional designers in curriculum planning, design and strategy.


Downloadable resources to help educators and designer with curriculum planning, course design, and teaching strategies.

News Room

We gather the latest news about education technology, learning experience design, and teaching pedagogies.

Meet the team.

Our team comprises award-winning entrepreneurs and academics to rethink educators’ experience. Our mission is to improve learner success through supporting educators.

Keep up with news on education.

Like every profession, academia is advancing rapidly, and educators and academic staff need to update themselves on the advancements. You don’t have to search for new techniques or technology; we bring it to you.